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Koru: The Game of Struggles


Image of Koru: The Game of Struggles

Koru is a fun, interactive card game that promotes the discussion of mental health in a light-hearted, non-judgmental environment. The card prompts lead players through the stressors and hassles of everyday life, taking everyone through phases of self analysis, reflection, empathy, connection, support, and—of course—struggles!

The box includes 180 Koru cards, game instructions, sticky notes, and a permanent marker packaged together in our colorful Koru box.

Each box is handmade to order. What does this mean? Since we just officially launched the game and this is the very beginning of sales, we have to order new cards after each individual order. Once the cards are printed, we package them with the custom-cut sticky notes, instructions and permanent marker in a handmade Koru box. That being said, your order may take 2-3 weeks to prepare for shipment.

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